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 Crazy Stone

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Crazy Stone   Сря Юли 15, 2009 2:55 pm

Ето и малко за дневния куест, за който имаме възможност след 30 lvl [:

Daily Quest: Crazy Stone
You recieve the quest from the NPC designated:

(Levels 30-60) Hou Jenhsi (530, 641) Archosaur, West
(Levels 61-90) Tu Jo (533, 642) Archosaur, West
(Levels 91+) Tu Heng (533, 645) Archosaur, West

Take appropriate rank set of stones to the indicated NPC. (Either a Merchant, Apothecary, Craftsman, or Tailor)

These will show up on your quest details if you open it. The quest will also give you a hint by telling you what part of the city the NPC is in.

The stones that you must take are:

Note: The grade 1 of these stones are found on the third page, 2nd row of any Merchant NPC (NOT Jewelcraftsman) in Perfect World. For learning how to combine stones, refer to some other guide or ask someone.

From level 30-40 (2,650 gold)
1 Shabby Alabaster Shard
1 Shabby Aquamarine Shard
1 Shabby Ruby Shard
1 Shabby Ametheyst Shard
1 Shabby Topaz Shard

From level 41-60 (7,950 gold)
1 Rough Alabaster Shard
1 Rough Aquamarine Shard
1 Rough Ruby Shard
1 Rough Ametheyst Shard
1 Rough Topaz Shard

From level 61-80 (23, 850 gold)
1 Blemished Alabaster Shard
1 Blemished Aquamarine Shard
1 Blemished Ruby Shard
1 Blemished Ametheyst Shard
1 Blemished Topaz Shard

From level 81-100 (71,550 gold)
1 Common Alabaster Shard
1 Common Aquamarine Shard
1 Common Ruby Shard
1 Common Ametheyst Shard
1 Common Topaz Shard

After turning in the stones, return to the original NPC which gave the quest (Hou Jenhsi, Tu Jo, etc.)
Wait 10 minutes in-game time
After waiting, the quest reward can be obtained.

The amount of ExP and SP recieved is dependant on the level.



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Crazy Stone
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