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Like the venomancer the barbarian belongs to the untamed race and as legend goes that race has evolved from a group of animals that aquired supreme inteligece and have cultivated their skills and prospered as a society.And as a legacy of their race untamed has kept the ability to transform in their ancestors images.

Initial Stats
HP 85
MP 35
Movement Speed 4.9
Critical 1%
Physical Damage 5 - 9
Magical Damage 1 - 1
Physical Defense 3
Magical Defense 2
Hit rate 40
Dodge Rate 40
Level up Bonus
HP +34
MP +14
Stat Distribution
Every 1 Vit(Con) Max HP + 17
Every 1 Mag(Int) Max MP + 7
Every 1 Dex(Agi) +8 Accuracy
+ 8 Dodge

Overview of the class
Regarded as the tanker class, the Barbarian has incredibly high HP and superior defense. They are needed as a tank rather than a damager. Barbarian's weapons of choice are axes and hammers. These weapons have high maximum attack but are also slow when it comes to their attack rate. Barbarian skills are also dependent on these weapons. One fantastic thing about the Barbarian is that each can transform into a White Tiger which will further increase its HP and movement speed at the cost of decreased attack power.

Due to being strength as one of their primary stats, Barbarians wear Heavy Armors which is extremely strong against Physical damage but extremely weak to magical types of attack. Although, this weakness is compensated with a huge boost in Hit Points every time they level up or add a point of Vit(Con).

Pros & Cons

- Highest HP
- Highest physical def
- Demanded in party

- Low magic defense
- Low attack speed
- Always lack accuracy
- Requires Patience
- High repair cost

- Tank


A Barbarian can easily take on any kind of monster. However, because of its lack of magical defense, Magic capable monsters can prove to be challenging feat especially poison type monsters that can stack their damage to a great amount when not given proper attention.


This character class has the highest survivability rate compared to all of the other classes. With their standard build of high hit points, any class that will try to kill this character class will surely have a hard time especially when he is equipped with amulets and in Tiger form.

Territorial Wars

Barbarian's are needed in territorial wars due to the fact that they are the ideal catapult carriers. Catapults deal massive damage to enemy structures and are necessary in order to win. If a catapult carrier is paired with a Cleric, the Barbarian will be almost invincible! They can also be attackers and can deal massive damage to spell casters and can even kill them in one hit by their Armageddon skill.

Skill Building

Levels 1-19:

At earlier levels playing a WB is a cake walk. We have high HP to start with and if you go with the build i mentioned above you will have around 1k HP by level 15. Not to mention 99.9% of the mobs you'll be facing at this level will be physical and you wont have any magical mobs until at least level 20.

You will only have one skill to start with which is Stomp of the Beast King(Beast Lords Whomp). Use this to quest and grind your way to level 3. By which time you can go into city and can learn Garrote learn it. It's a good soloing skill at lower levels. I highly suggest that you don't waste any SP on upgrading Stomp(Whomp). This skill will become obsolete at higher levels when you'll be needing all the SP you can get to get a skill which is actually useful. Once you get to level 9 go to your skill master and learn your transformation skill this will transform you into a tiger which will increase your movement speed,and physical defense, while decreasing your attack. Always level this skill as soon as you can even though it only goes to level 3.

Continue on your way to level 19 while putting only enough points into strength and dexterity for your dual axes and heavy armor and everything else into constitution. Once you get to level 19 you'll get your iron blood tablet from the city elder. Make sure you do this quest it's your first FB and you'll get an awesome blue Poleaxe which you'll likely use until level 35 or so. You can probably find lots of people willing to help you and earn some rep for themselves.

Level 30 Humanoid Skills Overview:

Once you reach level 30 you'll have noticed that there's several new skills available to you. I'll give you a quick run through of each skill and how high of priority it should hold for you.

Stomp of the Beast King
This skill is basically worthless if you ask me. Due to the fact that when it's at level 10 which can't be achieved until somewhere in the 40's and even then it's only 7xx damage. There are plenty more useful skills that you could be using instead of casting this.

This is a pretty useful skill which does your normal damage plus an additional 15 seconds of bleeding damage. I tend to use this when soloing. It's not super important but it can be fairly useful.*Note: Only use this in PvP when trying to build up vigor for a more useful skill seeing as once the poison damage is reduced it only comes to about 200 or so over 15 seconds. Or if your willing to stack it continuously.

Mighty Swing
This skill is your bread and butter. Both for PvE and PvP, it does fairly decent damage aswell as a chance to stun your opponent. This is one of the few ways you'll be able to finish off an archer, venomancer, or wizard in PvP and you better hope your lucky since it only has a low chance of success. Level this skill ASAP.

Penetrate Armor
This is a great skill to use when soloing mobs or even when your PKing alone or sometimes in a group if the venomancer is too slow to use their dispell with the same effect. The only downside of this skills i that you wont be using it at all during FB's. Level it as best you can.

This is the first AOE you'll get and let me tell you, It's not all that great. It only attacks in a fan radius and does relatively low damage.Theres no real need for this skill but you can invest a little bit into it if you feel the need to.

This is a pretty decent skill even though it only has an 8 meter or so line radius. Though it does cost 1 chi which you will be wanting to save for much more useful skills at higher levels. Level it a bit, it can come in handy for AOE parties at lower levels if the mage is taking abit too much damage.

Swimming Mastery
Max this it's self explanatory. Since it only has one level and it's extremely cheap while increasing your swimming speed by 50%.

Feral Regeneration
Level this one ASAP since it'll make your job a lot easier and it's pretty cheap too.

Beast King's Inspiration
Always have this at the max possible level since you should have it on whether your soloing, AOEing, doing FB's, running HH, or PKing. Not to mention this skill has effect on your entire party giving everyone 30% more HP at level 10.

Blood Bath
This skill is absolutely 110% necessary if you wan't to PK. Though the only turn off with this skill is the fact that it's alot of HP to trade in for 10% more hit rate at lower levels. But at level 10 it's 200% hit rate for a mere 16% less HP. Trust me at higher levels if you don't use this you'll have alot of trouble killing dex based builds.

Tiger Based Skills:

True Form
Like i said level this up ASAP. Always use this in HH, FB's, Luring for AOE parties at wolves or spiders, or even for running forest ruin.

Flesh Ream
This is your main aggro tool. Keep this at the highest possible level. This is also a fair bit of damage too seeing as you can stack it.

Alacrity of the Beast
This is a great skill, Make sure that when fighting bosses you time it correctly to cancel their skills. Especially on higher level HH or FB bosses like asura and you can save your hiero. I suggest keeping this at a moderate level since the skill cancel is effective at any level of the skill but it does do fairly decent damage.

This is a pretty helpful skill, but the only problem is that it'll cost you 35 chi to use it. So the only time you should really be using this when in a party fighting bosses ''IF'' the venomancer doesn't have their armor break at a decent level and is willing to use vigor transfer on you so that you can use veil of shadow or sundering heaven.

Beastial Rage
This is a great skill to use when tanking bosses since they'll be focused on you without interruption you can just cast this every 30 seconds to build up your vigor. Needless to say just learn it.

Poison Fang
This skill is pretty controversial but i have to say i did test it on a fellow guild member on PW-MY to check the damage difference with it at level 10 and i did an additional 300 damage with it consistently. I think it's worth leveling so long as you have the money and SP for it.

Axe & Hammer Mastery
This is basically common sense. Just keep leveling it.

During your onslaught from level 30 to 40 you will notice that you have received only 3 new skills. Yeah, You may find this some what disappointing but seriously, Deal with it. Two of these skills will become very important in the future and the other a useful filler.

Level 40 Humanoid Skills:

This is the only new humanoid skill available to you levels 30-40. But trust me this one was well worth it, it will be our first decent AOE and extremely effective for luring end game. I highly suggest getting this skill to at least level 5 by the time you have reached level 70 as while luring in human form you will use this to keep the mobs aggro. Also this will be one of your few useful skills in TW seeing as you can use this then perdition or vice versa. Note: The higher level this skill is the further the knock back range. So it'll save you a lot of pocket change on hieros.

Level 40 tiger skills:

Surf Impact
To tell the truth this skill isn't all that great. Though i do recommend investing a little bit into it as if you master the ability to lure in tiger form it can also be quite a hiero saver due to it's slowing effect. Though i do not suggest upgrading this over frighten which should be maxed well before investing in this and is a much more effective skill as it is a 360 degree AOE and also reduces the mobs speed.

Level 50 Humanoid Skills:

Strength of the Titans
Simply put, This skill is self explanatory. Max it and it's as simple as that, just don't forget to always buff yourself and your party with it.

Beastial Onslaught
This is a really great skill, remember how were always complaining about our hit rate? Well second only to blood bath this is the cure to that problem. Not only is this skill great because it reduces our opponents evasion by 50% but also because it's our only ranged skill as well as being one of our highest single target damage skills. But wait! It gets better if you decide to go heaven this skill reduces your opponents evasion by 100% or if your hell then it'll give you an additional 35% crit rate for 6 seconds.

Level 50 Tiger Skills:

Honestly this is one of my favourite skills to use as a Barbarian. Probably because of it's triple debuff effect. Trust me you'll want to max this skill ASAP. Once it's maxed it'll reduce all of targets within the 12m radius's attack power and attack speed by 30% while reducing their move speed by 50%. I tended to chain this with bluster and (when i had the vigor) sundering heaven. Also this skill is a great way to gain vigor. When tanking bosses or even elite mobs always cast this every 15 seconds.

Level 60 Humanoid Skills:

Just to tell you guys the truth, I never really liked this skill. Partly due to the fact that i had around 15k HP and every time i used it 7.5k HP would tick and my hiero would go down a considerable amount. But if your really into PKing or have a need to crash zhen parties this is the skill to do it with. The only downside of this skill is that barbarians have an excruciatingly low hit rate. Which means we needed to use bloodbath if we wanted to make sure they weren't just gonna turn around and PK us. Therefore reducing our HP and our damage, though the damage should still be sufficient with a pure con build. Also if you can get your hands on a ling yun, this skill can be used without blood bath and is basically GG. Note: This is a very expensive skill to level up but in the end is worth it. Though if you don't crash AOE parties or aren't involved with TW at all don't bother with it.

Level 60 Tiger Skills:

I really like this skill, It's great if you can manage luring for AOE parties in tiger. Also this skill can be useful when tanking bosses and your doing fine and have no need to use black tortlen, just use this to get the job done a little quicker and save yourself and the healers abit of trouble. If your the kind of guy who likes to lure in tiger form you should level this up quite abit.

Invoke the Spirit
Whether your tanking tough bosses, or trying to get that last few second on the crystal with your catapult this skill is amazing! Not to mention it only has 1 level and is very cheap to learn. Just get it.

Both are equally good.. Sage is best for defense, Demon is best for damage dealing. Choose which one you’ll do more of.
However, it's also good to choose the one that will balance your build (offset your weaknesses)

In general:
Humanoid (more offensive) + Sage (more defensive) = balanced
Tiger (more defensive) + Demon (more offensive) = balanced

Some major benefits of each path:

* Sage version of Armageddon reduces HP and MP cost to 35% of your current total.
* Demon version of Armageddon does 10% extra damage
* Sage version of Blood Bath reduces HP sacrificed to 10%
* Demon version of Blood Bath increases accuracy by 300%
* Sage version of True Form always increases maximum HP by 40%
Demon version of True Form lets tiger mode attacks do full damage
* Sage version of ShapeShifting Intensify always increases physical defense gain to 120%
* Demon version of ShapeShifting Intensify gives a critical hit rate increase of 2%
* Sage version of Beast King's Inspiration increases duration to 1 hour
* Demon version of Beast King's Inspiration lets affected party members gain 50% more

Barbarian is a strong and fun class to play Cool

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